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no longer available White Currant UMKA® (tree shape)

White currant with excellent sweet taste and complete disease resistance, suitable for universal use. After picking, the fruits can be stored very well and can be left on the shrub after they are fully ripe without any loss of quality.

Vigour: moderate, moderately spreading, moderately dense
Site requirements: full sun location
Blossom: self-fertile, does not require a pollinator
Fruits: bunches long, on average 10 cm, moderately dense. Berries large, on average 0.8 - 1.0 g, light yellow, uniform, round, peel thin. The fruits are suitable for fresh consumption and for various processing methods. Sugar content - 9.5%, acids - 1.6%, vitamin C - 54 mg / 100 g.
Taste: pleasantly sweet-sour with a predominantly sweet taste, better than conventional varieties
Harvest season: medium early, late June. The big advantage is that the fruits can hang on the shrub undamaged and without loss of quality until the end of September.
Yeald: high, 5.5 kg per shrub. Long-term average yield 8.2 t / ha.
Disease resistance: resistant to fungal diseases and pests, moderately drought resistant
Frost resistance: fully hardy
Advantages: high stable yields, complete resistance to diseases and pests, improved taste compared to the old white currant varieties

Details and Specifications
Pot growing plant: two year old potted plant
Trunk: high trunk

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White Currant trunk (Ribes sativa) UMKA®

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