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out of stock White Currant UMKA® (tree shape)

White currant with complex disease resistance, excellent taste and good shelf life, suitable for universal use.

Vigour: moderate, moderately spreading, moderately dense
Site requirements: full sun location
Fruits: large, on average 0.8 - 1.0 g, light yellow, uniform, round, peel thin. Grapes on average 7.5 cm long, moderately dense. The fruits are suitable for fresh consumption and for various processing methods.
Taste: highly valued, pleasantly sweet and sour, predominantly sweet to sour, better than with varieties from the traditional range
Harvest season: late June. The big advantage is that the fruits can hang on the shrub without damage even to the end of September.
Yeald: high, 5.5 kg per bush. Long-term average yield 8.2 t / ha.
Disease resistance: complex resistance to fungal diseases and pests, moderately resistant to drought.
Frost resistance: completely hardy
Advantages: high stable harvest, complete resistance to pests and diseases, improved taste compared to the old white currant varieties
Chemical composition: sugar content - 9.5%, acidity - 1.6%, ascorbic acid - 54 mg / 100g

Details and Specifications
Pot growing plant:yes

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White Currant trunk (Ribes sativa) UMKA®

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