no longer available Walnut Tree (Juglans regia) WUNDER VON MONREPOS™

One of the best European varieties due to late sprouting, high yield security, high nut quality and pronounced disease resistance.

Crossing: Weinsberg 1 x Geisenheim No. 26, year of origin 1983
Vigour: strong, broad pyramidal growth, late budding
Blossom: very late, early May, 92% of the flowers set fruit
Pollination: Fruiting predominantly apomictic, self-fertile, can be planted as a single tree
Nut: large, ovate, very regular and smooth, tip small, slightly protruding. Length 46 mm, width 31 mm, dry nut weight 12.5 g, fluctuation range 10 -13 g, kernel content 48%, shell and foundation 52%
Kernel: fills the shell well, can be easily removed from the shell, color yellow with clear, dark veins
Shell: medium-thick, firm, smooth, few grooves, seam clearly, well closed, nevertheless easy to open, color ocher to light brown
Taste: very good, strongly nutty
Harvest season: the fruits ripen in October
Yield: bears early, very richly and regularly, infructescence in bunches, an average of three fruits per bunch
Disease resistance: resistant to bacterial rot (Xanthomonas arboricola pathovar. juglandis) and anthracnose (Gnomonia leptostyla). Tree overall vital and climatically robust.
Frost resistance: the tree is fully hardy

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Walnut Tree (Juglans regia) WUNDER VON MONREPOS™

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