Everbearing variety Elan F1 is valued by strawberry lovers for its visual appeal and excellent fruit quality. Suitable for both professional and hobby cultivation.

Origin: Netherlands, ABZ Seeds
Vigour: extremely intensive and strong, growth height 20 - 25 cm, planting distance 35 x 35 cm
Flowering time: March to July
Fruits: large, up to 6 cm, conical, shiny, bright red of excellent quality. The color is stable and does not change even after storage and transport. The fruit size is balanced from the beginning to the end of the season.
Pulp: juicy, rich in vitamin C
Taste: delicious, sweet. Strawberries are suitable for fresh consumption, jams and desserts.
Ripening time: everbearing variety, bears fruit from May to October

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Strawberry ELAN F1

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