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Sweet Chestnut BOUCHE de BÉTIZAC - Winter Scionwood

Large-fruited, early French variety that produces large nuts in just two years from planting. Can be grown up to a height of 400 m above sea level. The high resistance to the common tree diseases make the Bouche de Betizac a first choice, even for the non-professional garden owner.

Crossing: Bouche Rouge (Castanea sativa) x CA 04 (Castanea crenata) 1962, France
Vigour: moderate, compact, upright, can reach a size of about 8 m in the garden, dense round crown
Blossom: pollen is sterile. Cross-pollinate, therefore requires the presence of a pollinator in its vicinity, for example different varieties ofCastanea sativa or hybrids of C.sativa x C.crenata. Vegetatively propagated chestnut hybrid varieties, Marsol, Maraval or Marlhac are best suited as a rootstock.
Fruit: large, very tasty, firm, shiny, mahogany red
Harvest season: early, September. Can be stored until the end of February.
Disease and frost resistance: resistant to parasitic fungus Phytophthora ramorum, frost hardy
Usage: commercial cultivation, house gardens

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Sweet Chestnut BOUCHE de BÉTIZAC - winter scionwood for spring grafting

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